3 dollar windmill wall art

It has been rainy and my husband has been gone all week for work, so what better time to go into craft overdrive!  Everyday I have worked on one or two projects.  I love the farmhouse look but unfortunately it always seems too pricey for me. I especially ADORE the windmill art. If I could still one off of one of the many farms around this valley I would. But morally I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.  So I resorted to a DIY version based off of http://www.ehow.com/how_12343214_fixer-upper-decor-diy-windmill-decor.htm. And I love it! What I love even more is that it cost me a total of $3! I was lucky to have many of the supplies already so all I needed to buy was the aluminum sheet which I used a coupon on.  Here is how I made it.


aluminum sheet (found at hobby lobby)

wood skewers

plastic lid

grey spray paint

packaging tape/duct tape

rolling pin/or other cylinder




First thing it took me forever to find the right kind of aluminum that I could actually cut without some special tool, but was thicker than aluminum foil. I finally found it at my local hobby lobby.  It’s called Create With Metal Designer Metal Sheets. It comes in a tube like wrapping paper.

First roll out the aluminum and weigh the ends down because it will just want to keep rolling up.  Then I cut out a pattern from cardboard because I don’t trust my freehand skills.  But if you can do it without go for it! I traced eight fan blades which was the perfect  amount to use the entire roll


After tracing the pattern cut it either with a utility knife or just a really good pair of scissors. I tried the utility knife first but I didn’t like how the edges were turning out. I couldn’t cut as straight as I wanted so I switched to scissors.

Next use a rolling pin to shape the blades.  After cutting they won’t look that great because of all the little wrinkles.  A rolling pin really helps flatten them out and creates a good curve to the ends.

After that the foil should look like this.

Foil will be very smooth but still won’t look like the fan blade shape so I just lightly pushed on it until it was how I wanted it. Because the foil is thicker it will stay however you leave it.

Now get your grey spray paint and spray however much you want. I wanted a little bit of the lighter silver to come through to add more color so I just did a quick spray.

Right after you spray don’t let it dry. Sprinkle cinnamon over to simulate rust. Then do a light spray on top to keep it there.  Then let it dry!

Now find some kind of a lid. I used a large trail mix container lid. You want something with a good lip on it to hide the skewer ends.

I put the skewers around the lid and marked the lid where I wanted the holes to be. Now drill your holes.  Make sure you are using the same size bit as the skewers so they fit in tight.

Next follow the same painting technique as the blades.

Once everything is dried, I gave it a few hours, turn it over and tape the blades on with a really good strong tape. I used packaging tape since we just moved and have a ton of it.  I also measured five inches between the lid and each blade to make sure I taped them all the same distance. The skewers should be pretty tight in the lid but for extra support I added tape on the back of the lid on top of the skewer ends.


Hang your new cute windmill and enjoy.  Be proud that you got this cute farmhouse decor for way less than buying one at the store!

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