2 dollar window frame art

There’s  nothing better than antique windows!  There are so many things you can do with them.  Here’s an easy Bless This Home sign that was a total of $1.77. 


window frame

foam board

exacto knife


paint brush



This cute craft was so easy to do it’s ridiculous! I was lucky enough to have a window lying around thanks to my mom. She always gives them to me as gifts, which is all good with me.  It’s better to have one that does not have glass in it.  I forgot to take a picture of what it originally looked like but it was a very pale purple.  I chose to paint it black but pick your color to match your style.

Once the frame is dried get your foam board and put it underneath the frame. I found mine at Walmart for $1.77 which is all I had to spend on this project. I lined the edges up with edge of where the glass would be. You only want to cut where the glass would be.

Trace around the frame and use your Exacto knife or utility knife to cut through the foam.

After I had three rectangles that fit perfectly into the frame!

I put them in to test if I need to trim them.

Next find the font you want and print out to the size of your frame.  I found a free downloadable font on blogpixie.com she has really cute free ones! Put a piece of cardboard under your paper and again with that Exacto knife cut it out.

Place how you want your words on the mat and trace them out.

Next you can use sharpie or paint. I used paint because my sharpies were drying out.  Fill in your words and let dry.  Then you are done! It’s as easy as that! It’s not perfect if you look close the words could be crisper but heck everything in my life isn’t perfect.  I love it and that’s all that matters!

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