Headboard Bench

Our bed frame has been broken for awhile now, and during our move we decided not to try to put it back together and build a new one that we still haven’t done so we’ve had our bed on the floor since we moved in.  My baby loves it cause he can now just climb on in in the morning for snuggles.  So now I had a head and foot board just sitting in my basement just waiting for me to get my hands on.  My front room has been sad and empty so instead of buying some furniture for it I decided to build a cute farm bench that would fit perfect in it.


Head and foot board

circular saw






spare wood three 8 foot 1 x 4 boards

chalk paint

paint brush



This is what I started with my bed was a sleigh bed but I’ve seen benches made with tons of different kinds.

First thing I needed to cut the foot board to be the sides of the bench. The bed was a queen which was too big to cut straight in half.  Sorry for the bad pictures I’m still learning how to work the camera! I measured and marked 22 inches in on both sides to make sure I was cutting straight.

Next use your circular saw and cut the bed frame on your marks. 

Do the same on the other side. Because I had a queen bed I was left with a middle scrap piece. Maybe I’ll do something with it later HMM!

Now you want to sand the edges that you just cut, I used 120 grit I believe, but you just want to get any rough edges smooth so it lines up with the head board better. 

When I stood up the arm pieces with the back but the arms were still too tall for me so I decided to cut part of the legs to make it a little shorter. I measured the back legs to know how much I wanted to cut off and decided about 6 inches would be good.

There, the perfect height!

Next screw the sides on from the back of the headboard.  The only way for me to do this is to predrill a hole with a bit that’s the same size as the screw.  I did six screws on each side to be sure it would be sturdy.

Measure and cut your 1 x 4 to fit the front of the bench and back. Measure how high you want them and screw in the pieces at the same height.  This will make your seat so you want them to be the same.

Now you want to measure the distance between those two pieces of wood and cut about 10 pieces to fit in between them.

Lay down the bench and screw them in from the bottom.  Two screws on each side to be extra sturdy.

Stand it up and wipe it down before you paint.

Chalk paint is my favorite! I use Waverly from Walmart because it’s the cheapest I’ve seen and I’m cheap like that.

I started painting it this green and changed my mind and switched to my first instinct which was white. Always go with your gut!

I lightly sanded the edges to give it a distressed look and voila it’s done!  The price for just the bench was a total of ZERO dollars! Yep that’s right I spent nothing on this piece and I’m so happy with how it turned out.  Those are my favorite projects when I use scrap pieces around the house to make something I love.

Click the link to see how I did the cushion and pillows!


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