30 Minute Bench Cushion


I am definitely not the greatest sewer.  In fact I really don’t like it! So instead of whipping out the sewing machine I whipped out my staple gun to do this easy bench cushion in under 30 minutes.  The cushion cost me about $40. This one was a bit of an investment for me due to the foam padding but I was still able to find a deal.  At regular craft stores the same foam would be over $100 but I found this 3″ one for $25 at homedepot.com.  Which is a steal! This will be my go to for foam from now on.


3″ foam padding

plywood cut to fit seat



staple gun


serrated knife/bread knife



The first thing you want to do is wash and dry your fabric so there aren’t any weird creases on the fabric. If you need to iron it do it after drying to be sure there are no lines.  Lay out your foam padding and measure and mark to the size you need it. 

Now cut your foam with a serrated knife.  I found using this kind of knife makes it super easy to cut.

After it’s cut wrap the padding with the batting.  This will make it extra squishy! If you’d like to hot glue it you can but I felt there was no need, it wasn’t going anywhere.

Lay your fabric right side down and put the padding on top in the middle. 

If you need to cut your wood do it now.  Lucky me I found a piece that fit perfectly in my garage! Lay the wood on top of the foam.

Pull the fabric tight on the sides up and onto the wood and use your staple gun to staple it.  I stapled about every 3 inches to be sure it was secure.

When you get to the ends fold it up and over like you are wrapping a present so the corners have a nice fold to it.

And you are done! Easy peasy and super cute for only 30 minutes of time.  I’m so happy with my cute farm cushion, it matches perfect with the soft white of the  bench and pillows.

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