Diy Farm Pillows

AWW nothing more comfy then giant squishy pillows, and even better if they are farm pillows! These white pillows only cost $9 for all of them.  To get the price down I used         1 1/2 yards of cream duck cloth and painted or used sharpie for the designs.  For the filling I used the stuffing from some old floor pillows I had made my kids years ago.   My husband kept asking me to throw them away but I knew I could use the filling some day so I didn’t have to buy it. 


1 1/2 yards of cream duck cloth


navy blue and black acrylic paint

painters tape

220 grit sandpaper

sewing machine


fiber fill



First thing you need to wash and dry your fabric to get rid of any lines.  If needed you can iron also.  Lay out your fabric and cut to the size wanted I was able to make 4 pillows with 1 1/2 yards.

After cutting decide what patterns you want on your pillows.  For my first one I wanted it to look like a grain sack.  So I taped off the pillow length wise to size of the stripes I wanted.

Now you will paint inside the lines you just taped off.  I wasn’t too concerned about getting everything painted because I wanted it to look warn and faded a bit. Pull off the tape after painting and let dry.

Of course while painting it the brush slipped out of my hand and I got a huge blue mark where I didn’t want it.  Oh well at least it’s double sided so I just keep it turned over!  After it dried I used a fine sandpaper (220 grit) to lightly sand the paint to make it softer.

For the next pillow I really wanted the compass look.  So I taped off my lines and painted it black.

The arrowhead and letters I painted freehand but if you have a stencil with letters that would be the best.  I didn’t so I had to wing it and I’m amazed they turned out okay.

For the “Home” pillow I saw this one on sweetmaplelane that she found on amazon but I now can’t find it there.  I first used a pencil and drew what I wanted and then tried to go over it with paint but that was driving me crazy so I switched to sharpie which looked the exact same PHEW.  Sorry I realized I didn’t take as many pictures of those two pillows as I should have. oops! Lesson learned!

Now for the little Farmhouse pillow.  I ended up finding a font I wanted and printed and cut out the letters with an exacto knife to use as stencil.

I lined up where I wanted the words and used the sharpie again to color it in.

Look how cute! I actually love how the sharpie looks on the fabric.

Now onto the worst part SEWING!  flip your fabric so the right sides are facing each other and pin the two pieces together.  Of course I didn’t think about where to start sewing and where I would put the fiber fill in so each one is in a different spot.  Oh well you can’t really tell once they are on the couch.  Leave a hole at the bottom when sewing to insert your filler.

Once they are all sewed together stuff the pillows with the fiber fill to fullness you want it. I wanted really squishy pillows so they are not overly stuffed.

After you’ve filled them to fullness you want fold in the hole and sew it closed.

Put on your couch and enjoy!

I love these pillows and they were only a fraction of the cost of what one pillow would have been! Yay!

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