15 Minute Shabby Porch Chair

Using chalk paint makes everything so easy! This chair really only took about 15 minutes and my son helped!  Those are the best projects when kids can help.  This chair required no prep and only one coat of paint.  I love the shabby look because even if my kids ding it it still looks fine.

This little chair was found at my local thrift store a couple of years ago and has been used as my kids highchair since.  For the past year it really hasn’t been used.  With this move we really don’t have a large porch but I still needed something out there.  This shabby chair fits perfect.

All that’s needed is chalk paint (I use Waverly from Walmart it’s the best deal I’ve found), and paint brush.

Again all this needed was one coat of paint the more wood showing the better.  I wanted it very distressed so I just quickly did a light coat and it was done.  I seriously didn’t even need to sand this.  I left the decorative carvings on the legs unpainted to give it more character.  And BAM you are done with this super easy porch chair that took less than 15 minutes!

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