Awww I love this chair especially the wicker.  The color of the fabric actually wasn’t that bad either, but it was dirty and old and needed some updating.  This chair was actually bought with another one for $5. That’s right I said $5, so technically it was $2.50.

These chairs were so easy to do because they were in such good shape as it is, that they only took me a day.

Supplies needed for your own chair refinish are:

chalk paint ( I used Waverly)

paint brush


staple gun


screwdriver (This chair needed a square tip which is called a Robertson screwdriver)

First flip your chair on its back and find all the screws holding in your seat.  This one had square head screws which you can see below.  I didn’t have a screwdriver for that and in fact I had never even heard of one. I looked it up and found out it was called a Robertsons screwdriver.  Luckily I found one at our small town hardware store for only $2.  The employee helping me didn’t know what it was either so that made me feel better.

Now after finding the right screw driver for your project, unscrew all of the screws until the cushion pops out.

I ironed out all the folds in the fabric because it had been sitting folded for awhile.

I chose to just cover the existing fabric instead of taking it off.  It looked like the original and I didn’t want to make it harder for myself ha ha! 🙂

Lay out your fabric  face down and lay your cushion on top.  Cut around, leaving enough fabric to fold up.

Pull up your fabric tightly and staple all around.

The corners can be a little tricky because you don’t want them to be too bunched together.  Pull the fabric and make folds where you like it.

Yep I forgot to take a picture of painting.  But this part was so easy I just painted the wicker being careful around the edges to not get the trim.  I used a bigger brush and just put less paint on it so it didn’t get drippy in the holes of the wicker.  After it dries screw your cushion back on and take a load off on your gorgeous new chair.  This chair was about $8 because I had to buy the screwdriver but that’s okay now I don’t ever have to get one again!

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