Cute Chair Update

It’s the best when you find cute pieces of furniture for a steal! I picked up these two for a total of $5. I refinished both of the chairs in an afternoon using the same fabric and the same paint to make a cute matching yet mismatched set.

Here’s what you need for an easy chair refinish.



White Waverly chalk paint

paint brush

sand paper


staple gun


screw driver


In this post I’m going to show you this plaid beauty!

First step flip your chair over and unscrew that cushion.

It should just fall right off if you got all the screws. (sometimes they hide)

Next take your screw driver and pry out all those old staples on the bottom of the cushion.  If they don’t come out super easy use some pliers and pull.

Look at that original fabric!

Now lay out your fabric right side down and place cushion upside down on top.

Cut around the cushion leaving a few inches around to fold up and staple.

Pull up your fabric tight around the edges and staple every 2 inches around.  Make sure its tight so you don’t get lumps in the fabric on the top of cushion.

Of course I forgot to take a picture of when I was actually painting it, but my awesome mom gave me the idea to just paint the inner lattice part of the wood and the wicker on the other chair.  I loved that idea because I can still get some of that original character from the natural wood.  After painting I gave it a quick sanding to distress it a little.

And voila! Here’s the final piece.  I sure do love it and better yet I love the price tag more.  The chair was $2.50 because I got two for $5.  The fabric was $3/yard, I got 2 for the heck of it.  After doing both chairs I still have plenty left.  The paint was left over from another project.  So all together I’m going to guess this cost me a total of $6.  Now that’s how I like it!

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