Easy Fall Wreath

Trying to find a wreath for descent price is so hard.  I can’t believe how expensive they are!  This quick wreath is easily interchangeable for other holidays.

I picked up everything from Hobby Lobby shopping their sales and using 40% off coupons.  A little tip if you bring your kiddos with you or have at least three people they allow you to split your transactions into three and you can use the coupon each time.  I do that a lot and get almost everything on sale if it is not already on sale.

First take a grapevine wreath.  This was only $3 with the coupon.  If you have vines in your yard you can easily make your own for free!

Next pick your flowers and take them off the original stem.  These were all 50% off, I don’t remember the exact amount but I’m pretty sure they were no more than $8 total.

I found theses cuties in there Halloween section, also 50% off, perfect for fall!

Now if you want to keep the grapevine wreath for other holidays don’t glue anything in.  I kept the stems pretty long so I could weave them into the vines so they would stay put.

Just keep weaving everything in where you like it!

I love the colors in it!

Now just push the stems of your pumpkins in and your done.  Everything can be taken off and switched for other holidays.

Truthfully I love mine so much more then the ones I was seeing at the store.  I’m just estimating but I know I didn’t spend more than 15$ for this one which is way lower than others!  Now I’m excited to switch it for Christmas!

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