Piano Bench Update

This bench was refinished a couple years ago and I still really liked it but it did not match everything else in the room.  So I wanted to fix that!

Supplies needed:


chalk paint

paint brush

screw driver


staple gun

I decided to do an easy update by changing the fabric and painting the wood.

The cushion on this bench just lifts off so it was nice that I didn’t need to do any unscrewing.  I used a flat head screw driver to pull off the staples.

Lay the fabric face down and the cushion upside down on top.

Cut the fabric leaving a few inches around to fold over.

It was a little wrinkly so I ironed it out.

Fold the edges over and staple about every 2 inches.

When doing the corners just fold to make pleats and staple a few times.

Next I painted the legs with two coats of Waverly chalk paint in white and after it dried set the cushion back on and it was done.  Super easy and super cute.  Matches the room perfectly!

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