Temple Yarn Art

This cute little piece was inspired by where my husband and I got married it is called the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  If you are interested in learning more about my religion feel free to comment at the bottom or click here lds.org

I love nail art and I have always wanted to do a bigger piece with it.  I thought that a temple would be perfect and I would love it longer because its sentimental.

Supplies needed:

wood board


5/8 inch nails

embroidery thread (white, gold)




I was so happy to find this large piece of wood in my scrap pile, it was perfectly aged and I didn’t need to do anything with it. I first tried to find a free template of what I wanted but I couldn’t find the size I wanted so I decided to just freehand it.  I used a ruler to make sure everything was as straight and even as I could get it.

I picked up some 5/8 inch nails and they were the perfect size. I ran out near the end and just used what I could find around the house, if you look close enough you can tell a slight color change at the top but oh well I figured nobody would really look that close and I didn’t mind.

After I drew it out I started hammering all the nails in following the lines. I used my pointer finger to space out the nails instead of measuring them all which would have been a nightmare.

Once the nails are all done take your thread and tie it on one of the nails and start wrapping and stringing across the inside of your picture.  Make sure you keep the thread tight so it doesn’t all unravel because that would be a mess.  Yes, it happened to me!  When all the nails are wrapped tie it tightly to one of the nails and cut the end and tuck it under the rest of the thread to hide it.  The wrapping may seem like it would take forever but it actually goes surprisingly fast.  Then your done!  Either nail on a picture hanger on the back or just prop it up like I did.  The possibilities are endless of the designs you can do!

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