Farmhouse Sign

I have been wanting to find a large Farmhouse sign for a long time but they are all so expensive or just not quite the size I wanted.  This one was completely free to make and I’m very happy with it!




black paint

white paint

paint brush

The frame was actually part of an entry table that I had redone a couple years ago that had just been sitting in my basement and I had just done one quick layer of white on it a long time ago and never did anything else with it.  It was the perfect size for this sign and Instead of using foam board or actual wood I just used cardboard.  We have a ton of boxes from our move so I figured why can’t I use that and make it completely free.  Since it’s so difficult getting to the store with all my kids just to pick up one thing!

First since the frame was already the color I wanted I didn’t need to paint it, so I found a large piece of cardboard that wasn’t bent or too creased and cut it with a bread knife the size of the frame. I pushed it in and painted the cardboard black.

Once I was done with that I had to touch up the frame where I had gotten black on the edges with the white.  You can see there is a crease in the cardboard that I was hoping you wouldn’t see once it was done and hung.

While it was driving I made a stencil by printing the letters and using an exact-o knife to cut them out. I put the stencil on the cardboard how I wanted it.  I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to center things!

Using the white paint do one coat on the stencil.  I wanted it a little more rustic so I didn’t paint more then one layer.  After they are all painted take the stencil off and let dry.

Add your hanging hardware to the back and hang!

It’s definitely not perfect mostly due to my problem with getting the letters perfectly straight but I only notice it when I’m really looking at it and heck it was absolutely free to do this project.  I love it so much!

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