DIY Large Rustic Frame

I have this huge empty wall in my living room that I have been trying to figure out what to put on there.  When I saw these large Family Proclamations I thought that it would be perfect.  I’ve always wanted one but didn’t know where to put it.  

On Etsy there are so many cute proclamations to download but again that costs money.  Why spend it when you can find it for free.  On mimiberrycreations she has this adorable  printable for free so go check her out!  She is so awesome to provide this for everyone and she even gives you the suggestion of how to do a large print.

This tutorial is on this super easy frame!


wood scraps 1×3





wood stain

miter saw

This frame is seriously so easy and fast to do anyone could do it.  I had two leftover cedar fence boards that I used for this project. First I cut them all the length I wanted and then used the miter saw to cut each end at a 45 degree angle. 

Then I used my sander and using 80 grit sandpaper sanded the rough sides.  Since it was cedar fencing it was pretty rough.

Once all the sides were soft I put the pieces together to make the shape of the frame. 

Using these large L-braces I found just at wal-mart for about $2. 

I layed them on the corners so where the boards meet was the exact center of the brace.

Then easy enough I just screwed them in.  See so easy and fast. 

I chose to stain it with Minwax Jacobean.  Just use an old cloth and rub it on and wipe it off.  Let it dry and it’s done!  Did I tell you? SO EASY! 

I Think it fits perfect on my wall and all for the price of the hardware. 

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